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Month: January 2020

What To Look For in Reverse Lookup and People Search Sites

Public records research companies almost always offer reverse phone lookup as a service, where people search by name or phone number and they get other details. Nothing is more annoying than getting calls at odd times of the day, like when you are sleeping and you wake up in the middle of the night because your phone rang. What’s even more annoying is if these callers don’t answer or are just prank callers. If the numbers are unknown, then you know you’re in for an unpleasant time.

However, aside from giving a return call and asking the caller about his identity or sending him a text message, there is nothing much that you can do except do a reverse phone lookup. What is a reverse phone lookup, you say? It is a service that allows you to input a phone number, complete with area code of course, and you will get details regarding the owner of that number.

Difficulties in Reverse Phone Lookup.

The thing about reverse phone lookup is that looking for the details associated with the number that’s been calling you can be hit or miss sometimes. Let me explain. Phone numbers are usually classified into four. Listed landline, unlisted landline, cell phone and VoIP. The difference between these types of numbers will be clear enough soon.

Listed landline is the easiest to get details for. The information regarding the owner is listed in a publicly accessible directory and is considered public information. You can find information on these numbers anywhere on the web.

Unlisted numbers are landline numbers without any public details associated with them. So whatever you do, you will not be able to get any information out of these numbers.

Cell phone numbers on the other hand are a mixed type, in the sense that some numbers have information attached to them while others don’t. It is the number owner’s choice if they want to have their details become publicly accessible or not.

VoIP, like unlisted landline numbers, are numbers without any details attached. These are from the internet and are often used by people wishing to remain anonymous.

What are The Things to Look for in Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

A big database – Since the service can be hit or miss, a bigger database or directory makes it more likely to score a direct hit. If you were looking for the details on the owner of a phone number, you are more likely to find it on a site with a huge directory than a site with a teeny tiny one.

A minimum of required information – The best reverse phone lookup sites should be able to give out the details of a person using just a number or a name. That makes it easier and much faster to use. Also, a simple but responsive and easily navigable interface is a huge plus.

Even with just these two features, you can identify a reliable reverse lookup site instantly. And the best of them all is Kiwi Searches, with a huge database for getting the information you want. Plus you can use just the number or the name of a person and you will get the details you are looking for. Try us out by visiting our website https://kiwisearches.com/ right now!

What Every Smart Parent Should Know About Parental Monitoring Software

In this modern-day and age, all parents need parental monitoring software to keep an eye on children’s online activities. While you may not always be there to find out what your kids are up to, especially when using the internet, monitoring software can give you peace of mind. So before you consider installing this technology, here are a few things about the software you should know:

When Should You Install Parental Monitoring Software?

Potential predators lurk in the anonymity of cyberspace. They are on the prowl for children or teenagers who unknowingly fall victim to predators’ evil schemes. Parents do not have access to their children’s activity 24/7. With that said, they are unaware of the challenges and dangers that the Internet may pose to their children.

Although being connected to the internet offers several benefits to children and teenagers, it still comes with a caveat. Once your child accesses the Internet, the risk of being targeted by online predators and cyberbullies is high. They can also become a hapless victim of identify thieves, online scammers and more.

Prohibiting them from accessing the internet is not the best solution. At some point, they still need to have access to educational tools which will require them to be internet-connected. Children and teenagers need guidance in using the internet safely and protecting themselves. Parents should keep them out of harm’s way. This is where installing parental monitoring software comes in.

What Does The Monitoring Software Do?

Parental monitoring software enables you to know the websites your kids are visiting. It also provides you useful information about your child’s online activities including their search and browsing history. Even the people they are communicating with their instant messaging services and email will also be revealed. If you want to know the apps that your children use or the phone call they make, this software lets you do that.

Parents need to keep tabs on popular websites as they can be harmful to your teens. Unless you closely monitor your kids, it is difficult to track the site they visit or the app they install. Prevention is better than cure. This is why deterring children from accessing problematic sites should start with knowing exactly what websites they are visiting and the apps they are using.

Which Parental Monitoring Software is Best For You?

If you nip potential danger in the bud, it means you need to have the ability to safely monitor your children on their devices. Not all monitoring software options work this way. Some may only be good at knowing your child’s browsing history, but it does nothing in preventing the problem. One of the features you need to look at when shopping around is the remote monitoring feature.

It is not enough that you know your children’s online activity. Your parental monitoring software’s purpose will be defeated if it does nothing in protecting your child. You know you are getting the right software if it can remotely lock the phone, block application, monitor running applications, access social media applications, take pictures remotely and close any app smoothly.

If your parent monitoring software has these stand-out features, then it can address your needs. Want to decide which parental monitoring software is right for you? Check out Auto Forward for our parental monitoring software package.



How To Find Out if Someone Was Arrested: Running a Reliable Background Search

Child safety is a top priority among parents who are looking for babysitters or nannies and online record search sites would be the perfect avenue on how to find out if someone was arrested. Currently, people search sites have become in demand and Kiwi Searches is among the top. With it being as easy as pie, there is no better way for parents than to do just about that to protect their children.

While it is pretty straightforward to look upon a person’s arrest record online, you must have the proper information to do so. Learn more as you read on how to go about finding if a person has committed a felony.

Use Appropriate Words and Particulars

With the search site going through massive amounts of records, you’ll need to have the correct details of the person you are looking up especially if you are searching for a common name that is easy to get confused with others. Remember, basic info such as the full legal name, date of birth and physical features would be enough to find a person’s criminal history.

Conducting a Criminal Background Search

The simplest way to find out if someone was arrested is just to enter a name in a search bar and voila! You can have your results in your query in just a few minutes. Just be sure that you input the correct data to receive accurate results.

Permission to Access Records

You don’t have to ask for the approval of the person to run a background check on their criminal records as such info is publicly available. It is not considered illegal but your reason for doing so can affect some legal issues. It is only proper to get notification and consent from the concerned person before digging out information to be used for pre-employment purposes according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission according to Forbes. Likewise, it is also one of the best practices for background checks noted by Forbes that part of the employment screening is to verify certifications and licenses with authorization.

Take for example the case of Diane, a working mom, who is searching for a babysitter. To ensure that her children are safe with a babysitter, she had notified the applicant that she will be doing a background search for criminal records. She used the Kiwi Searches, entered the applicants’ names, and got the results instantly. Thankfully, the candidate had no prior criminal record or convictions and Diane now has peace of mind, knowing that her children will be in good hands.

Looking up someone’s background online can be as easy with a steady internet connection and the right details to search for, thus, access to criminal records would be a breeze. As most might find it discriminating when used for pre-employment screening, you can never be too careful especially when it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones.  But as long as you are not breaking or bending any law when screening your employees, you’re safe.  Just use a reputable search site such as Kiwi Searches and you will have no worries with fast and accurate results. Visit our website https://kiwisearches.com/ now.

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