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Month: March 2020

Use The Best Parental Control Monitoring Software To Keep These Bad Apps Out Of Your Child’s Phone

The digital era is fraught with danger that children must navigate, and their parents are trying to find ways to mitigate the risks by buying cheap parental monitoring software. It is a struggle for parents since the average age of children getting a smartphone nowadays is just ten years old. One of the major concerns by digital parents are the inappropriate and absolutely dreadful apps that are proliferating like blowfly maggots, and could threaten their security.

In addition, the risks are graver than those in the past. In addition to issues regarding kids spending too much time on their phones and inadvertent in-app purchases, children nowadays are also faced with the definite possibility of cyber-bullying and talking with veritable strangers while they are using certain apps.

Social media specialists have speculated that parents are turning their kids free on the web by giving them a smartphone. And they state further that children will inevitably misuse the apps available to them, and most of the time it will be because of ignorance.

It is not the children’s or the app’s fault, however, so it’s no use pointing fingers. These apps are not designed with malice by their developers, but since there is a degree of anonymity, people will use these features to their advantage.

Having said that, apps being what they are is not an excuse for parents to do nothing. Here are some of the worst apps that a kid can have on her phone.

Kik. This unusual app lets kids send messages that will not show up on logs as text. Because the app uses usernames to connect people with each other, any number of strangers can connect with your kid. The app was reportedly connected to the murder of a teenage girl in 2016.

Whisper. It is an online community that lets its members interact with each other incognito. It’s anything goes with content and, without filters, even children can be a user. It is also reported that users share information with each other, even personal ones.

Snapchat. One of the most popular apps in the United States, this app is often used by kids for “sexting”, sending and receiving provocative or sexual content. Snap Maps, another of its features, can locate the phone of the kid and causes more safety issues for parents.

House Party. This is another unusual app that lets children get into a group video chat with other people, even users they don’t know, primarily because of mutual connections. One of the major concerns parents have with this app is that screenshots may be saved of the convo without the knowledge or consent of the other members.

There are more apps out there that are being used by people to take advantage of your kid’s inexperience. What’s scary is that more of these apps are being developed every day, with features that can be used to target children, even if that is not the intent of the developers. Free your kids from these apps by using Auto Forward Spy to block these apps and keep them from running. Learn more about this great app by going to https://auto-forward.com/ for more information.

Find Out if a Man is Married Using Reverse Number Look Up

Dating a married man is not cheating at all, some would say, but those who have a modicum of common sense in their bodies don’t like going out with a husband who is cheating on his wife, which is why they lookup the phone number of the guy to see if he is married. You may ask yourself, if you have not done it before, if there is a good way to date a married man and end up with him in the end. The answer that your friends may deny you is, “Don’t do it!”.

Attraction to someone is perfectly normal and acceptable. But there are issues when a girl does something about her attraction to a married guy. Women may try to justify and rationalize their actions and say that it is their life and their choice. Granted that that may be, but let’s take a look at some of the reasons why there is no reason for you to be the mistress of a married dude.


  • A cheater is always a cheater. He cannot change who he is. And even if he says that, there is no way to be sure that he will not do it again. If he has done it once, then he can do it a thousand times. This is why you never see a cheater who has changed his views. They are like that urban legend about the huge alligator patrolling the sewers. Many claim that they have seen it or parts of it, but they can never bring out conclusive evidence of its existence.
  • You may not realize it every time you are with him, but the man does not really want to leave his wife. Yes, he may say that his marriage sucks and that he would rather be with you than with his wife. Bear in mind, he is lying to his wife. Why shouldn’t he lie to you, his mistress? “So why wouldn’t he leave a woman that he treats that way?”, you ask. Because he is a lying jerk, that’s why. If he is treating his wife like trash, would you really think he will treat you better when you manage to land him?
  • And then, there is the fact that he may not even choose you once he’s done with his wife. Again, him saying that he is unhappy with his married life does not automatically mean that he will be choosing you in the end. What you may not realize is that he may have other side chicks other than you. The man has been lying to his wife and everybody else. Once his marriage is over, he may just decide to get some “me time” in order to properly choose the best woman.

The moral is that you need to show yourself more love. You think that by letting him treat you as a mistress, as something that should not be shown to any of his family or friends, he is showing you love? Let that sink in for a moment.

Don’t go for married men. Find out before it’s too late. Use Kiwi Searches, one of the top reverse phone lookup sites in the web. Head out here https://kiwisearches.com now to learn more!

Parental Monitoring Software: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Monitoring software is an essential part of a parent’s toolkit as children are only a few clicks away from the negative content of the internet, and opening up a potential world of danger by giving them access to phone and text messaging. Given the increasing number of devices kids use to connect online, it’s difficult to supervise every time they’re online. A good quality parental monitoring software can help.

It is necessary to understand that monitoring software for parents to keep their kids safe rather than feel sorry in the end. In this millennial age, proper internet guidance is really important. Talking to them about digital safety and tell them you will be monitoring their device by using a reliable and quality phone monitoring app is the best way to keep track of their activities.

Reducing and Preventing Behavioral Problems

Anyone can be addicted to the internet. And most kids that are being raised in an era of smartphones, social media, and internet connectivity nowadays. Because of this, it is inevitable that their behavior changes either good or bad because of the influence of what they see and hear online. And sometimes, talking to your kids and having a conversation, offering help, understanding, and support is not enough. Prevention is still better. Having good communication with your child and educate them with quality parental monitoring software is important to securely manage a child’s digital use.

Keep Your Child From Online Threats

In this digital age, kids seem to have a better understanding on smartphones and tablets than their parents. And instead of having a strict approach than ban them from using the internet, we can opt for a subtle approach that will keep them away from the danger of the internet and raise our children to make the correct decision even when encountering wrong things online.

Even though kids are maybe better at operating in devices than parents nowadays, as we raise kids who are more tech-savvy than we are, there is still a practical idea that parents can start implementing and use to help your child grow up using internet with a sense of balance that will make rooms for the love of God and family.

Auto Forward can help you in developing healthy internet use at home with its remote monitoring feature once the app is installed to an Android device and setting it up online if the device is an Apple by having the iCloud username and password.


The Advantage of Using the Best iPhone Monitoring Software

Employers always keep an eye out for the best cell phone monitoring app that they can use to spy on text messages on an iPhone. Why would they want to do this, you ask? Well, it is because the most commonly used company phone issued to employees is an iPhone. Plus, companies are using more and more smart phones in performing tasks than the traditional fixed workstation with a PC or a Mac.

There are plenty of reasons to use iPhones over computers and Macs. They are portable and can fit easily in a bag, with room to spare for additional stuff for the employee. They can access the web very easily, almost as easily as computers can, although the smaller screen might be a detriment for some. Also, they got iMessages and text messaging apps, which are probably the two most common means of communications in the United States.

The Disadvantage.

There is a catch for all of this, though. Since iPhones run iOS, they are a part of a walled garden. It means that anything other than apps pre-approved by the Apple company can’t be installed on an iPhone. If business owners want to take advantage of the power and ease of use of iPhones for monitoring their employees, they will need to find a cell phone monitoring app that can be used for an iPhone without jailbreaking. Jailbreaking exposes the phone to the possibility of bricking and you wouldn’t want a paper weight that costs more than $600.

Auto Forward Spy: The Best Monitoring App for an iPhone.

Fortunately, there is Auto Forward Spy, one of the most powerful monitoring apps available in the web. It is supported by both Android and iOS, two of the most popular operating systems for mobile phones in the world. Auto Forward Spy can monitor phones without having to root or jailbreak them. For iPhones, you will simply need the user name and the password for the iCloud account for the phone and register it on the website dashboard for your Auto Forward account. You’re all set after that little step.

The Benefits of Monitoring Text Messages with Auto Forward Spy.

Auto Forward can access iMessages and the text messaging app of the target company-issued iPhone. With it, you will be able to see how much time your employees spend on messaging, and how much of it is related to their tasks or the business. You will be able to track your employees’ productivity through this metric.

You will also be able to see if your employees are contacting your competitors or other companies about your company data. Data security is not something that should be taken lightly since data leakage is a real and present threat. Monitoring iMessages and text messages can help reduce the risk of data leakage by serving as a deterrent.

Auto Forward Spy, as the top monitoring app for iPhone and Android phones, should be considered by business owners if they plan to monitor their employees’ company phones. Learn more about the app by visiting the website https://auto-forward.com/ for more information.

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