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How to Take The Best Photos To Share On Social Media

Are you frustrated because it seems like other people are always sharing great photos on social media, but your own photos always look terrible? Like you, they’re also using their smartphone, so how come their photos look so much better? You can’t use an Android spy program to see what everyone’s photo-taking process is, but you can follow this guide. Here are some tips and tricks from professional photographers that will help you take better photos to share on social media websites:

Change Your Camera Settings

Your smartphone camera is pretty complex. There are a lot of settings that you can adjust to make the photos look better, clearer, and more focused. Take some time to play with these settings to figure out what will make your photos look better. Plus, it’s more fun to try them out yourself than find out what your friend uses through the use of an Android spy app. You can even refer to online tutorials to walk you through the process, too.

Never Use Flash

Flash really doesn’t do much to enhance a picture. All it does is give the subject red eyes or other distortions that needs to be fixed afterward. Instead, adjust the actual light in the space if you need to make it brighter. The flash is useless, so don’t use it. Just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Don’t Use Zoom

Your photos will be better quality if you don't use zoom.

Avoid using the zoom feature if you want high quality photos.

You should treat the zoom feature the same way. On smartphones, digital zoom doesn’t function the same as zooming in with a camera. In fact, it doesn’t really work at all. If you want to draw attention to one particular feature, crop the photo so it becomes the focus. Smartphone images are big enough that you can crop out quite a bit and still have a great quality photo. Remember to crop, not zoom, if you want a clear picture of a person, animal, or scene.

Get An Editing App

Here’s another secret that your friends who are taking amazing photos aren’t going to tell you – incredible photos rarely just happen. If you’re really curious, you can install an Android spy app on their phone to see how they create high quality photos. In addition, using a high quality photo editing app like Photoshop, Lightbox or iPhoto will allow you to make changes so your picture can really “pop.” You won’t be able to share your photos right after you take them, but if you want to improve their quality, take the time to edit them first before you post them on social media.

Don’t Use Filters

The filters on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps really aren’t too bad. Sometimes, they can add a cool effect to your photos, but everyone uses them. If you really want to use a filter, choose one from a proper photo editing app that will make your image look more unique. Do you really want to share yet another photo on Facebook with a “fall” filter on it? Be original and make your photos original, too.

Use The Timer

It’s always a struggle to take selfies that look good. Despite the impression you might get from your friends on social media, amazing selfies aren’t that easy. Usually for one good selfie, a person takes an average of 20 photos. But if you want to increase the chances that you’ll get one that you’re happy with, use the timer on your smartphone camera. You can set it for a few seconds, so you’ll have time to adjust your position and get your camera angle just right.

It’s Finally Here, The Next Generation iPhone

It’s been a long time coming, but the next generation iPhone is finally here! After many months of rumors circulating about the features of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, I am happy to say that Apple did not disappoint. On the contrary, the iPhone event that took place earlier this month only made me more excited for the public release of Apple’s newest product.

The Next Generation iPhone

In case you’ve been living under a rock, on September 12th, Apple held an iPhone launch event. At this event, Apple announced the public release of three next gen iPhones; the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the highly anticipated iPhone X. Much like previous iPhone generations, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are an incremental update over the iPhone 7. The iPhone X, on the other hand, is the completely redesigned smartphone we’ve all been waiting for. Boasting the most powerful processor on the market today, along with a variety of new features, the iPhone X is poised to be the most sought after smartphone this holiday season. Let’s take a look at some of these exciting new features.

Wireless Charging


The new line of iPhones now offers wireless charging.

This has been on every Apple fanboy’s wish list for sometime now. Wireless charging has been a standard feature on the iPhone’s biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy, for some time now. People have wondered when Apple would jump on board and add it to the next generation iPhone. I think I speak for everyone when I say I was slightly disappointed that the iPhone 7 did not have wireless charging capabilities. That being said, Apple has certainly made it up to us. Wireless charging is now the standard for this entire generation of iPhone models.

Edge-To-Edge OLED Screen

Perhaps the most exciting feature, exclusive to the iPhone X, has to be the new screen. While the physical dimensions of the iPhone X is closer to that of the iPhone 8 than the Plus, the screen itself is actually larger than the Plus’ screen. This is thanks to the edge-to-edge design. In addition to this, the OLED screen provides a higher contrast ratio and the ability to play HDR video. Because it doesn’t require a backlight, black colors tend to look much deeper.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the hottest things in the technology world. The success of games like “Pokémon GO” is evidence of that. It’s no wonder that Apple finally jumped on the bandwagon by developing AR capabilities in its newest iPhones. These models are equipped with cameras that have been specially designed for the ultimate AR experience. Now, iPhone users can fully enjoy the newest AR apps and games out there.

Interested in learning more about how smartphones have evolved over time? Be sure to check out my previous blog post at this link.

The Evolution of Mobile Computing

The consumer electronics industry has experienced significant advancements in the last 10 years. Traditional, desktop computers eventually advanced into bulky laptops. As laptops became thinner, the industry gave way to smartphones and tablets as well. This industry has come an awfully long way since the first computers were released. With this new wave of electronics, it’s easier than ever to use an address finder. You can look up any address and find out who it belongs to. There is also a plethora of other information that can be found on the Internet.

The release of the iPhone was a game changer. Millions of people own this smartphone, and if they don’t own one, they certainly know someone who does. The iPhone cleared the way for tablets and other mobile, touchscreen devices to become household items.

The Desktop Computer

The desktop computer was where it all began when it comes to home computers. I’m sure many people are wondering if they’ll ever own one again. Since the rise of the laptop and the tablet, the desktop has become much less commonplace. They’re hard to move around and they can’t be taken on the go. But, it can’t be denied that many people have taken advantage of the computing power of the desktop computer. They can easily utilize one for an address finder, web search, and more. Today, the desktop computer is still a great value for its price.

The Laptop

Apple's MacBook is one of the most popular products on the market.

Apple’s MacBook is popular among employees, students, and more.

One of the biggest advantages of a laptop is that it can be taken anywhere. These days, there are countless different laptops on the market. Apple’s MacBook is the most popular one, but there are a lot of other great companies out there that manufacture their own laptops. Today, the laptop is one of the most common portable devices. Chances are, whether you’re a student or you’re in the workforce, you probably use a laptop to get the job done. 

The Smartphone

Even though it’s only a smartphone, the iPhone revolutionized the entire mobile computing world. It brought touchscreen abilities of the future to the here and now. Plus, it paved the way for other devices to follow a similar approach. Although it has some competition, other smartphones simply aren’t as popular as the iPhone.

While many consider smartphones to be more of a phone than a computer, at the end of the day, they’re basically little computers that we carry around with us. They have had an enormously powerful impact on the consumer electronics industry and on the way that people think about computers. In addition, they let us look up information, use an address finder, and watch videos wherever we are. The next iPhone will make even more of an impact on the industry. It’s rumored that the device could be made entirely of glass.

The Tablet

Tablets are the fusion of laptops and smartphones. From the iPad Pro to the Microsoft Surface, they’ve redefined the way that people think about computers today. One of the advantages of a tablet is that people can type using touch screen technology or a detachable keyboard.

The consumer electronics is one of the fastest changing industries out there. In fact, electronics are developing faster than any other industry. Maybe that’s why we love them so much. Just don’t get too attached to your newest device. By this time next year, it might be obsolete.

The New P10 Smartphone from Huawei

With its new P10 smartphone, Huawei hopes it can begin to steal some revenue from its biggest competitors: Apple and Samsung. Many consumers in the United States are probably unfamiliar with Huawei’s products, which have yet to become popular there. However, these smartphones have become more and more prominent in Asia and Western Europe. It’s about time that consumers in the U.S. got with the program and started trying out Huawei’s new smartphones. In addition, because these are Android phones, you can easily install Highster Mobile on them. This app allows you to monitor your child’s cell phone to ensure they’re safe and visiting age-appropriate websites.

This brings us to the new flagship smartphone from Huawei. The Chinese company unveiled P10 on February 26th, with a variety of new features that can make it competitive with the iPhone and the other top smartphones on the market right now. It even has a portrait-mode in its camera, similar to the one included with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Android Operating System

The operating system is one of the biggest differences between the P10 and the iPhone. In my opinion, this is the largest hurdle for companies that aren’t Apple. Their phones have an entirely different interface from iPhones, which may cause Apple fans to shy away from them.

That being said, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with an Android phone, especially when it can still run Highster Mobile without a problem. Some Apple users may have tried out an older version of an Android device. If they didn’t like it, it may be the fault of the phone, not the operating system. So, it may be time for them to give a newer Android phone a chance.

Smaller than the Mate 9

One notable feature of the P10 is its superior processor.

The P10 has many new features, including a superior processor.

One of Huawei’s previous releases, the Mate 9, is now trumped by the P10. It includes many improvements that make it a worthwhile release. In addition, the P10 is not only smaller, but also more powerful than the Mate 9. This is thanks to its superior processor.  

New Cameras

Existing fans of Huawei’s smartphone line will appreciate the P10’s improved camera. The front-facing camera (often used for selfies) is 8MP, which is a big improvement over some of the other front-facing cameras on the market. There is a dual-camera on the rear, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. One of the cameras is color and the other is black and white, which is an astonishing 20MP. This dual-camera system on the rear enables the P10 to take stunning portrait-mode, DSLR-quality photos.

Various Color Choices

One distinct advantage that the P10 has over some other popular smartphones is its variety of available color options. These include white, blue, two variations of gold, black, silver, rose gold, and green. While the phone’s color may not matter to those who plan to put a protective case on it anyway, people who don’t like having a bulky case on their phone will love this range of colors. If you’re planning on purchasing a smartphone for your child, they’ll also like the array of colors. You can then install Highster Mobile to keep an eye on their Internet activity.

Many people are going to stick to their Apple smartphone, rather than switch over to an Android device. The good news is that if you have the courage to try out a new phone and see what all the fuss is about, the P10 from Huawei might just be your new dream phone.

Best Phone Spy App 2017

As a freelance code writer, my job requires me to stay up to date on all the latest technologies and software.  Over the years I’ve come across some great applications, both for computers and for smart phones.  Today I’ll be reviewing some smart phone apps that I think have some great utility.  The apps I am talking about are cell phone spy apps.  There are many different cell phone spy apps to choose from. However, many of these apps are lacking in quality, support or, both.  That is why I’ve decided to write this review, to give you, the general public, some insight into the best cell phone spy apps on the market today.

As I said earlier, there are many different cell phone spy apps to choose from.  And I’ve had the chance to test just about all of them.  Just like with computer code writing, if you don’t test something out first you can’t be sure if it’ll work.  So after some extensive testing I bring you a list of the best cell phone spy apps available today.

I tested these apps so you don't have to!

I tested these apps so you don’t have to!

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is an excellent smart phone app that gives you all the features that you would  normally expect from a cell phone spy app.  Features like the ability to view texts, images, and call logs from a targeted phone from your own personal device.  This no-jailbreak program allows you to view all the phones information without having physical access to it.  The only downside I found while testing Highster Mobile is that it has no geo-fencing capabilities.  This is an important feature for parents who want to keep track of their children’s location.

Best Phone Spy App 2017: DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is my pick for best phone spy app 2017

DDI Utilities is my pick for best phone spy app 2017

While Highster Mobile is certainly an exceptional cell phone spy app.  In my opinion, the best phone spy app 2017 is without a doubt DDI Utilities.  Not only would I rank it as the best cell phone spy app of the year, it’s also one of the best smart phone apps I’ve ever had the pleasure of testing.  All the features of a cell phone spy app are available on an easy to use interface.  The installation process was so simple that just about anyone can do it.  And if you happen to run into any problems, you can always contact the live customer service representatives.

If you would like to learn more about these apps, check out this blog dedicated to cell phone spy apps!

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