The digital era is fraught with danger that children must navigate, and their parents are trying to find ways to mitigate the risks by buying cheap parental monitoring software. It is a struggle for parents since the average age of children getting a smartphone nowadays is just ten years old. One of the major concerns by digital parents are the inappropriate and absolutely dreadful apps that are proliferating like blowfly maggots, and could threaten their security.

In addition, the risks are graver than those in the past. In addition to issues regarding kids spending too much time on their phones and inadvertent in-app purchases, children nowadays are also faced with the definite possibility of cyber-bullying and talking with veritable strangers while they are using certain apps.

Social media specialists have speculated that parents are turning their kids free on the web by giving them a smartphone. And they state further that children will inevitably misuse the apps available to them, and most of the time it will be because of ignorance.

It is not the children’s or the app’s fault, however, so it’s no use pointing fingers. These apps are not designed with malice by their developers, but since there is a degree of anonymity, people will use these features to their advantage.

Having said that, apps being what they are is not an excuse for parents to do nothing. Here are some of the worst apps that a kid can have on her phone.

Kik. This unusual app lets kids send messages that will not show up on logs as text. Because the app uses usernames to connect people with each other, any number of strangers can connect with your kid. The app was reportedly connected to the murder of a teenage girl in 2016.

Whisper. It is an online community that lets its members interact with each other incognito. It’s anything goes with content and, without filters, even children can be a user. It is also reported that users share information with each other, even personal ones.

Snapchat. One of the most popular apps in the United States, this app is often used by kids for “sexting”, sending and receiving provocative or sexual content. Snap Maps, another of its features, can locate the phone of the kid and causes more safety issues for parents.

House Party. This is another unusual app that lets children get into a group video chat with other people, even users they don’t know, primarily because of mutual connections. One of the major concerns parents have with this app is that screenshots may be saved of the convo without the knowledge or consent of the other members.

There are more apps out there that are being used by people to take advantage of your kid’s inexperience. What’s scary is that more of these apps are being developed every day, with features that can be used to target children, even if that is not the intent of the developers. Free your kids from these apps by using Auto Forward Spy to block these apps and keep them from running. Learn more about this great app by going to for more information.