Dating a married man is not cheating at all, some would say, but those who have a modicum of common sense in their bodies don’t like going out with a husband who is cheating on his wife, which is why they lookup the phone number of the guy to see if he is married. You may ask yourself, if you have not done it before, if there is a good way to date a married man and end up with him in the end. The answer that your friends may deny you is, “Don’t do it!”.

Attraction to someone is perfectly normal and acceptable. But there are issues when a girl does something about her attraction to a married guy. Women may try to justify and rationalize their actions and say that it is their life and their choice. Granted that that may be, but let’s take a look at some of the reasons why there is no reason for you to be the mistress of a married dude.


  • A cheater is always a cheater. He cannot change who he is. And even if he says that, there is no way to be sure that he will not do it again. If he has done it once, then he can do it a thousand times. This is why you never see a cheater who has changed his views. They are like that urban legend about the huge alligator patrolling the sewers. Many claim that they have seen it or parts of it, but they can never bring out conclusive evidence of its existence.
  • You may not realize it every time you are with him, but the man does not really want to leave his wife. Yes, he may say that his marriage sucks and that he would rather be with you than with his wife. Bear in mind, he is lying to his wife. Why shouldn’t he lie to you, his mistress? “So why wouldn’t he leave a woman that he treats that way?”, you ask. Because he is a lying jerk, that’s why. If he is treating his wife like trash, would you really think he will treat you better when you manage to land him?
  • And then, there is the fact that he may not even choose you once he’s done with his wife. Again, him saying that he is unhappy with his married life does not automatically mean that he will be choosing you in the end. What you may not realize is that he may have other side chicks other than you. The man has been lying to his wife and everybody else. Once his marriage is over, he may just decide to get some “me time” in order to properly choose the best woman.

The moral is that you need to show yourself more love. You think that by letting him treat you as a mistress, as something that should not be shown to any of his family or friends, he is showing you love? Let that sink in for a moment.

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