Child safety is a top priority among parents who are looking for babysitters or nannies and online record search sites would be the perfect avenue on how to find out if someone was arrested. Currently, people search sites have become in demand and Kiwi Searches is among the top. With it being as easy as pie, there is no better way for parents than to do just about that to protect their children.

While it is pretty straightforward to look upon a person’s arrest record online, you must have the proper information to do so. Learn more as you read on how to go about finding if a person has committed a felony.

Use Appropriate Words and Particulars

With the search site going through massive amounts of records, you’ll need to have the correct details of the person you are looking up especially if you are searching for a common name that is easy to get confused with others. Remember, basic info such as the full legal name, date of birth and physical features would be enough to find a person’s criminal history.

Conducting a Criminal Background Search

The simplest way to find out if someone was arrested is just to enter a name in a search bar and voila! You can have your results in your query in just a few minutes. Just be sure that you input the correct data to receive accurate results.

Permission to Access Records

You don’t have to ask for the approval of the person to run a background check on their criminal records as such info is publicly available. It is not considered illegal but your reason for doing so can affect some legal issues. It is only proper to get notification and consent from the concerned person before digging out information to be used for pre-employment purposes according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission according to Forbes. Likewise, it is also one of the best practices for background checks noted by Forbes that part of the employment screening is to verify certifications and licenses with authorization.

Take for example the case of Diane, a working mom, who is searching for a babysitter. To ensure that her children are safe with a babysitter, she had notified the applicant that she will be doing a background search for criminal records. She used the Kiwi Searches, entered the applicants’ names, and got the results instantly. Thankfully, the candidate had no prior criminal record or convictions and Diane now has peace of mind, knowing that her children will be in good hands.

Looking up someone’s background online can be as easy with a steady internet connection and the right details to search for, thus, access to criminal records would be a breeze. As most might find it discriminating when used for pre-employment screening, you can never be too careful especially when it comes to the safety and security of your loved ones.  But as long as you are not breaking or bending any law when screening your employees, you’re safe.  Just use a reputable search site such as Kiwi Searches and you will have no worries with fast and accurate results. Visit our website now.