Moving from 4G or LTE to 5G, electronic users can now expect to have a faster experience in mobile surfing anytime and anywhere. The next generation for mobile internet connectivity establishes a more reliable connection for smartphones and gadgets compared to how it’s been offered before.

Top mobile developers are now incorporating this technology to new models coming this 2019. Their latest research multiplies the current mobile connection performance that the average speed will soon become lower than the customary surfing speed. The speed boost will make the mobile users crave for more than what 4G is currently providing.

5G uses a lower frequency spectrum in accordance with the range and interference issues. The developers used to place it in a high-frequency spectrum with a shorter range and higher capacity for wider online access. However, having a low-frequency spectrum makes 5G cross farther distances even through walls and other stumbling blocks. This serves as a very big jump from LTE’s representation.

Is the development of 5G only about the speed?

The development of 5G is not limited to the speed. One of its top benefits is the low latency feature. It is the response time between your prompt of action and the reaction of the gadget in starting the activity itself. The networks respond from 4G’s 20milliseconds down to as little as 5G’s 1millisecond. It’s just like a blink of an eye.

The response time is a very big issue in mobile surfing. Even if the network loads feeds and videos at a faster speed, the low latency feature completes the package.

What are the other benefits?

This will greatly affect a lot of digital uses. Video gamers will appreciate the quick response in intense mobile games. You can watch a video with a much lesser lag period. Or, for greater purposes such as empowering self-driving cars with swifter reflex in tight switches and turns. Even helping other fields such as academics, medical, or commercial businesses.

The use of 5G will not only be for phones or tablets but for other gadgets that can connect with the internet as well such as cameras, vehicles, medical devices, ATMs, etc.

5G Pricing

There’s a very high possibility that charges on cellular and other internet-connecting devices will significantly rise up. With the increase in premium services, the pricing will climb that way as well. This will not only affect the gadget pricing but also the network providers who will soon catch up with 5G’s latest trend.


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