In this modern-day and age, all parents need parental monitoring software to keep an eye on children’s online activities. While you may not always be there to find out what your kids are up to, especially when using the internet, monitoring software can give you peace of mind. So before you consider installing this technology, here are a few things about the software you should know:

When Should You Install Parental Monitoring Software?

Potential predators lurk in the anonymity of cyberspace. They are on the prowl for children or teenagers who unknowingly fall victim to predators’ evil schemes. Parents do not have access to their children’s activity 24/7. With that said, they are unaware of the challenges and dangers that the Internet may pose to their children.

Although being connected to the internet offers several benefits to children and teenagers, it still comes with a caveat. Once your child accesses the Internet, the risk of being targeted by online predators and cyberbullies is high. They can also become a hapless victim of identify thieves, online scammers and more.

Prohibiting them from accessing the internet is not the best solution. At some point, they still need to have access to educational tools which will require them to be internet-connected. Children and teenagers need guidance in using the internet safely and protecting themselves. Parents should keep them out of harm’s way. This is where installing parental monitoring software comes in.

What Does The Monitoring Software Do?

Parental monitoring software enables you to know the websites your kids are visiting. It also provides you useful information about your child’s online activities including their search and browsing history. Even the people they are communicating with their instant messaging services and email will also be revealed. If you want to know the apps that your children use or the phone call they make, this software lets you do that.

Parents need to keep tabs on popular websites as they can be harmful to your teens. Unless you closely monitor your kids, it is difficult to track the site they visit or the app they install. Prevention is better than cure. This is why deterring children from accessing problematic sites should start with knowing exactly what websites they are visiting and the apps they are using.

Which Parental Monitoring Software is Best For You?

If you nip potential danger in the bud, it means you need to have the ability to safely monitor your children on their devices. Not all monitoring software options work this way. Some may only be good at knowing your child’s browsing history, but it does nothing in preventing the problem. One of the features you need to look at when shopping around is the remote monitoring feature.

It is not enough that you know your children’s online activity. Your parental monitoring software’s purpose will be defeated if it does nothing in protecting your child. You know you are getting the right software if it can remotely lock the phone, block application, monitor running applications, access social media applications, take pictures remotely and close any app smoothly.

If your parent monitoring software has these stand-out features, then it can address your needs. Want to decide which parental monitoring software is right for you? Check out Auto Forward for our parental monitoring software package.